What Makes ReScore Different?

At ReScore, we take an aggressive alternative to traditional financial education by creating a solid foundation of financial knowledge, starting with credit repair and financial planning. All work is completed in-house, not outsourced. In addition to credit repair and monitoring, we provide education on building and maintaining a healthy credit profile.

Unlike other credit companies, ReScore doesn’t charge a monthly fee and goes directly to the collection companies that require validation as well as sending letters to bureaus to speed up the process. ReScore offers personal coaching on how you can improve your credit through education, how to build credit and navigate through the credit process to help you take back control of your credit.

Our Process

We have four rounds of repairs with each round lasting about 40 days. Within the 40 days, we utilize the law by referring to attorneys to assist our clients in leveraging against any and all companies negatively reporting on your credit report and submit a dispute to the bureaus. By law, all companies and the bureaus have to report timely, accurate and verifiable information. The bureaus will then investigate and respond back to the disputes submitted by our team. With each round, we dispute another aspect of the credit report to have the highest amount of credit repair success as possible. Once the repair is complete, we reconnect you with the individual who initially referred you to repair your credit report or we will connect you with loan offices or realtors upon request.


Janna Fox

Chief Executive Officer


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Donna wallace

Chief Operating Officer