Your A to Z Credit Guide to Empower Your Life
  • This article will teach you 4 easy and practical ways to improve your credit score quickly. Credit can feel complex. Understanding how to increase your credit scores quickly can save you thousands of dollars during your financial life. Because credit is a significant part of your daily life, it is beneficial to know the little
  • What Is a Credit Score?     A credit score is a number that indicates the likelihood of you repaying your debt responsibly. Lenders use them to make decisions about whether they will lend you money. When you apply for a loan, the lender will often pull your credit score. Credit Scores are calculated based
  • How to Protect Your Credit Score During a Divorce     While in the beginning stages or even in the thick of a divorce it’s difficult to make the simple everyday decisions let alone having the ability to make good, sound financial decisions. That’s why it is necessary to have support
  • The Federal Government is Telling Lenders to Lower or Suspend Mortgage Payments    There may be financial relief for homeowners. The federal government is telling lenders to lower or suspend mortgage payments for those who have lost income or their jobs because of the COVID-19 outbreak. Depending on the homeowner’s situation mortgage payments could be reduced or suspended for up to twelve months, according to Chris Arnold at NPR News Morning Edition stated on March 19, 2020.   
  • How to Budget Your Monthly Expenses With a Method That Lasts   Budgeting shouldn’t feel like a complex imprisonment or restrain you from having fun and enjoying life. If a budget is too complicated, feels totally restrictive, doesn’t plan for emergencies or isn’t realistic, it will typically fail in just a few short months. According to Novi Money, 60% of Americans couldn’t cover a $1,000 major unexpected expense without going into
  • Will it hurt my credit score to marry someone with bad credit?   This is a very common misconception. The quick answer to your question is no. Rest assured it will not harm or lower credit scores when you marry someone with less than perfect credit. There is no such thing as a merged credit
  • Think carefully before only applying for student loans to cover the cost for college tuition. Are student loans a safe and financially smart way to pay for college? Think carefully before only applying for student loans to cover the cost for college tuition. We highly recommend considering alternative ways rather than going into debt for thousands of dollars that will take years to pay off. There are
  • “No debt” doesn’t automatically mean you have great credit. I don’t have any debt. I pay my bills on time every month. Why is my credit score so low? Are these questions you’ve been asking yourself? “No debt” doesn’t automatically mean you have great credit. Credit cards, loans (home loan,
  • There are two different “credit score boost” options that provide opt-in scores – UltraFICO and Experian Boost. UltraFICO gives you the ability to include and reflect your bank deposit account information on your credit score. This opt-in credit model uses the financial information from your checking, savings or money market
  • Everything You Need to Know About Checking Your Online Credit Score Thinking of purchasing a home, car, maybe looking for an apartment to rent or applying for a student loan? The first thing to do in any credit-related goal is to find out what your credit score is.  Maybe you

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