Janna Fox

Chief Executive Officer
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Janna Fox – Chief Executive Officer. Janna has been in the credit repair industry for 8 years.  She started her career as a Credit Advisor, was quickly promoted to an Account Executive 2 years later and then became the Director of Business Development. Janna has been instrumental in facilitating and sustaining relationships with over 7,000 referral partners across the U.S. which resulted in helping over 40,000 clients improve their credit and buying power.    

Being a single mother who had to reestablish her financial well-being, credit, and life after a divorce she has a deep passion for helping others.  She understands the struggles and hardships that come along with having little to no credit.   Her main focus and priority at ReScore is educating referral partners and clients, track new market trends, maintain relationships with valued referral partners from all over the U.S. and oversees client relationships.  Outside of work, Janna is busy raising her 5 children (2 daughters and 3 sons); is a huge music, wine and coffee fan; collects quotes; owns too many shoes to count and enjoys reading and writing. 


Paige White

Chief Operating Officer
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Paige White – Chief Operating Officer and former client. Above and beyond spending the last 6 years of her life as a top-producing credit advisor, Paige was a credit repair client first. After going through the credit repair process with a different company, Paige learned so much about credit that she found a passion for helping others do the same.

After years of working for someone else, Paige along with Janna wanted to take their knowledge and passion to the next level in educating clients through the typical credit repair process but also to add onto the education aspect to create a stronger financial education platform.

Empowering others is a top priority of ReScore, and Paige plans on using her expertise in credit to open the door for others to learn how to create a strong credit profile for themselves

Donna Wallace

Chief Technology Officer

Donna Wallace – Chief Technology Officer. She is married to her husband Jim and they recently celebrated their 26th anniversary. They have three wonderful daughters, Jessica, Sara and Carrie Ann. Donna grew up in Western Kansas in a large farming family. Donna’s parents emphasized hard work, high character, education and loyalty as the keys to success in life and it has been very important to her to instill these same values in her daughters. Family is very important to Donna and she is still very close with her parents and siblings. Donna is an animal lover who enjoys music, traveling, theme parks, and just hanging out with the family.


Charles Marshall

Credit Coach
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Charles Marshall – Credit Coach and former client of ReScore. During his time in Real Estate he noticed a significant lack of credit awareness among clients and as a former credit repair client himself, the only natural step was joining the cause. After many successful years in the entertainment industry, Charles was excited to embark on a new career journey. He has found his true passion in teaching credit awareness and helping others take control of their financial future. Since joining ReScore, Charles adds his creative energy and knowledge to this already stellar team.



Penny jackson

Credit Coach
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Penny Jackson – Credit Coach and client advocate with ReScore. Having a Real Estate background helps Penny understand the unique challenges credit reports can have with mortgage financing. Since 2016, she has helped thousands of clients realize their dreams of home ownership and financial independence, by guiding consumers through credit repair. Experiencing her clients’ excitement once they’ve been approved for a loan is why she is so passionate about consumer credit. A lifetime resident of the Kansas City area, Penny has been a member of ABWA – Kansas City Express Network since 2019, and has over 25 years of sales and customer service expertise. Outside of work, Penny is a pet advocate and a volunteer at KC Pet Project. She enjoys spending her free time at her secondary home on Lake of the Ozarks entertaining friends and family, and cuddling with her two rescue dogs, Duke and Nala. Penny has been married to her husband, Dave since 2000, and they have two grown children, Gage and Abby. Penny is a wine enthusiast and her goal is to spend her retirement years on the beach.



Credit Coach
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Shana Pinkney – Credit Coach. Shana’s previous experience as both a Real Estate Agent and Loan Officer helps her understand the challenges and frustrations of the bumps in the road that can delay the home purchasing process. Because of this, she is excited to join ReScore where she will be able to help clients take control of their financial future and ultimately own part of the American Dream. Outside of work, Shana is an advocate for addiction and overdose awareness. In her free time, she and her husband are avid boaters and eventually plan on retiring on Coronado Island, where they plan on living on their boat.



Credit Coach
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Stephanie Attig – Credit Coach. Stephanie has been a high school chemistry teacher for 30+ years. Her passion is helping people. She is excited to extend her love for teaching to the area of credit repair and financial wellbeing. Stephanie is married to Rick Attig. They have two children and six grandchildren. She loves learning, biking, being in nature, and spending time with her friends and family.



Credit Coach
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Jessica Rovenstine – Credit Coach and former client.  Jessica experienced an overwhelming amount of medical debt after giving birth, 10 years ago, to her beautiful twin boys. One of the twins spent the first several months of his life in the hospital with life threatening medical needs. She has felt the impact of life throwing curve balls and understands what it’s like to have medical debt and collections devastate credit.

After having her own credit repair done, she quickly realized, this was an amazing way to bring all her passions together. Jessica is genuine and kindhearted.  Assisting others to rebuild their lives and believe in their dreams is exactly what she has always inspired to do in her career and personal life. 25 successful years in the automotive repair industry; working with insurance companies, after car accidents, to quickly resolve issues-while keeping her customers at ease during an unpleasant time, has prepared her for a ReScore coaching role.

Outside of work Jessica spends most of her time with her 2 sons and husband.  She volunteers for several local charities.  Fundraising for Midwest Adaptive sports is a huge passion and part of her life. For fun she enjoys party planning, listening to music, and hanging out with friends.

Jessi Evinger

Credit Coach

Jessi Evinger – Credit Coach and former credit repair client. Jessi shares her past experience and how she became a credit coach. I didn’t understand credit, or the impact it has on so many areas of life. I never wanted a loan or credit cards. I just didn’t think credit was for me, I paid for everything with cash and thought that was the best option. Until I started to understand the freedom that comes with having good credit scores, and how I was costing myself more money by not having credit. I love to see the underdog become empowered. I love to hear the joy and relief it gives my clients to know they can qualify for their dream home, open a shop that they’ve always dreamed of, or even be able to purchase a brand new side by side! If I can achieve my dreams of moving to big sky country than you can do anything and everything you have ever dreamed of as well. You just have to know how, and that is why I love what I do. I want to educate my clients who have the same mindset that I used to.

Jessi has two young energetic daughters. Her and her husband moved from Kansas City to Montana a few years ago, to fulfill their dream of raising their daughters in a small town rural community. As she says, she lives and breathes the Montana lifestyle. Jessi loves to hunt, fish, hike and go 4-wheeling. 

Jessi’s down-to-earth, approachable personality instantly puts her clients at ease. Her past mindset of “no credit, no problem” gives her the passion to educate others to truly understand the importance of having credit and how, in life, credit can be a detriment or a huge asset.  She is here to help it become an asset for you.



Legal Liaison
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Samantha Cress – Legal Liaison and first hire for the ReScore Operations Team. Sam does a little bit of everything to keep ReScore moving in an efficient and organized manner. Her keen ye for detail and experience make her perfect for this growing role. The most important traits we look for in a potential employee is a growth mindset, an attitude of “how can I make this work, yes I’m willing to go the extra mile” and thinking outside the box.  Sam fits this description perfectly. Finding solutions rather than excuses is one of the characteristics we value and appreciate in Sam. In 2013 Sam went back to school to obtain her Associates in Paralegal Studies and uses that knowledge to help find lawsuits during the repair process. Working alongside the attorney partners is one of her favorite aspects of the job. Sam is extremely family oriented. Her and her boyfriend have 4 little ones that keep them busy 24/7. They love spending time together and doing things as a family. Keeping life simple and like the good ‘ol days; playing board/card games, playing outside, playing/watching sports, going to Kansas City Royals games, the zoo and so on. Sam loves learning something new and problem solving. She is a true empath and loves to help and teach others. She is patient and kind with everyone and truly remembers every human wants acceptance and respect.

Abby Jackson

Client Support Specialist

Abby Jackson – Client Support Specialist. Abby works on a variety of jobs to help ReScore stay caught up and organized in order for our employees to focus more on the needs of each client. She keeps a close eye on each letter that is sent out and mailed in to ReScore to maintain an organized environment. Although she has only just started working for ReScore, she has a unique understanding of how to manage difficult situations, which is why she is a great fit for our team. She is a 2020 high school graduate from Blue Springs South High School and will be attending the Kansas City Art Institute as a full-time student in the fall. In her free time, she enjoys curling up with her dogs, Duke and Nala, and watching movies as well as spending time with her friends and family.