ReScore prides itself on being a pay-for-deletion company. Our clients’ time and money is valuable to us so we only charge for work upon completion. As each of our clients present a unique situation, we offer a no obligation review upfront upon signing up for a credit monitoring site to ensure proper tracking and protection of your current credit for a fee of $1 for the first 7 days. Next steps include an analysis of your credit history to provide an accurate price quote for the needed credit repairs.

What Our Clients Say About Us
Our pricing structure is broken down per item per bureau - below are our some of our offerings.
  • Each Collection, Charge-Off, Repossession, Bankruptcy or Foreclosure – $65.00 per item per bureau
  • Late Payment Fee – $20.00 per late payment per bureau
  • Pay-To-Delete – $150.00 flat fee
Key Benefits of Credit Monitoring:
  • Each Collection, Charge-Off or Repossession – $65.00 per item per bureau
  • Bankruptcy or Foreclosure – $100.00 per item per bureau
  • Late Payment Fee – $20 per item per bureau
  • Incorrect Address/Date of Birth/Name – $25 per item per bureau
  • Inquiries – $25 per item per bureau
  • $90 One-Time Processing Fee
  • Pay-To-Delete – $150.00 flat fee

**Please note these are not your FICO scores. This link will route you to our credit monitoring partner to get started.

Building Your Credit

We help our clients establish their credit by partnering with Apply for a credit card that best fits your needs and start building your credit today!

Please note, if a client moves forward with a credit repair – we require them to keep the credit monitoring site open and active during the repair process. Credit monitoring site offered for $21.99 per month with no contract requirements.  


If needed, payment plans can be arranged throughout the process. Please contact us for further information.

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